Orchestrator connectivity issue with workspace

I am getting an error-Object reference not set to an instance of an object while executing from uipath orchestrator. But this is not occurring every time, this error occur randomly. Then I am restarting my workspace then the robot will run from orchestrator. Again after few executions the error will occur.

Hi Shubham,

You probably know that this error occurs when a variable is not initialized. May i ask, what does your process do? Any UI automation? If the error is random and works after restart i’m thinking somewhere on the way it ‘loses’ some values. Do you know in which activity it happens? And what’s the input of that activity?

Also, please provide Orchestrator/Studio/Robot versions.

Hi @ovi ,
Sorry for late reply. I am using following versions
Studio version- 2017.1.6435
Robot version- 17.1.6435.21853
Orchestrator version- 2016.2.6302

My automation process is for VPN login automation and doing some operation in remote desktop. And that error will resolve when I am restarting my workplace. I don’t know reason behind this but while running through orchestrator it shows “Faulted”.