Orchestrator Connection Issues

Enterprise license verified.

Connection confirmed. However, the “Unlicensed” message is confirmed.

Enterprise licenses are free for 60 days.

Uploading: error.png…

error2 Uploading: error2.png…

me too…T_T

Hello @111938 ,

Maybe you didn’t allocated the licenses to the tenant:

I hope it helps.


This is the current setup situation.
It doesn’t work.
help me

Hi @111938 - Can you please check the following?

  1. Disable User License Management option from Automation Cloud home page
    Admin → Organization Settings → User License Management → Disable

  2. Allocate the license on tenant level (disabling the above option will go back to old method and display all the robots)
    Admin → Tenant → Edit License Allocation → Allocate the license required

  3. Go inside the tenant and uncheck “Enforce user authentication, disable robot key authentication”
    Tenant level → Settings → Security → Uncheck “Enforce user authentication, disable robot key authentication”

This should make the robot connected, licensed. Some of the new features in 21.4 can be a bit tricky. Let me know if it works.