Orchestrator can not creat robot

I created Robots unsuccessful, My Assistant is connected,unlicensed.
Does anyone have the same problem as me .

My Orchestrator vesion is UiPath 2020 Orchestrato Community License
My Studio is 2020.6

Hi @Blossomhong

Community license can provide 2 Robot we can connect free. If you connect 3rd robot you will get Unlicensed.

In the Type* you are using studio license. Community license can give you 2 development robots to connect. So please disconnect/delete any other robots connected to studio license and try to create new robot.


I find my studio Pro have 2 Robot.But Studio no.Why?
Because I’m using the latest version?
What’s the difference between these two?

Studio pro provides more testing features like Test suite 360 and some testmanager and mobile automation features than studio

Uipath has provided the Latest Studio pro license because you have downloaded latest version.

If you change your Type to Studio Pro, you can able to create robot.


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Thank you very much. :hugs:

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