Orchestrator Assets not being read


I am currently working on Level 3 Activity 1 but I have ran into a problem. When debugging to test that my workflow opens the browser and types the credentials I always keep getting the windows credential manager pop-up which means that the GetAppCredentials workflow is not getting the assets from orchestrator. I have triple checked deleted and made a new asset in orchestrator with type credential and have ensured that the email and password are correct. The setting value for the config sheet is the same name and I assigned to in_credential the variable that has the value of the same name as my asset in orchestrator for testing purposes. I have no idea why this is happening as with every single video and tutorial this is not a problem and even when following the same steps I keep getting the same result.

Please help me out. Thanks.

I have run into this as well, and sometimes it’s just latency. For now, you can use the credential vault to move on in your training, but the cloud platform can sometimes timeout fetching credentials.

I guess that is a short-term solution but if I’m working on a solution and not the activity then I need to be able to use the orchestrator to fetch the credentials, otherwise there is no point in doing the automation to begin with.