Orchestrator application Logs

Hello to everyone,

I have some questions about Orchestrator Application Log

  1. Orchestration application have its own logs (no Robot logs)?
  2. If ‘Yes’ where I can found them?
  3. It possible doing something in web.config, to show me their logs?

Because if the robot works well but the Orchestrator Application had a problem I would like to be able to know the issue that had the Orchestrator Application.
Or simply to know theOrchestrator Application logs without having start any robot

Thank you so much for your help.
Have a nice day

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Yes you can access all the logs in uipath orchestrator page.



Actually orchestrator holds the robot logs only
But can I have an example of what orchestrator application issue
Usually it comes under this category

Cheers @Viorica_Marga

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Hi Viorica,

This might be what you are looking for:
Orchestrator Logs

This is accessible after you have your own installation completed.

Hope it helps,



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Hi @Palaniyappan, thanks for your answer!

One example of orchestrator application issue is if i have machine A and machine B,
my robot is installed on the machine A, and Orchestrator Application on the machine B.
I run the robot from the Orchestrator, something went wrong, and inside Orchestrator Application i don’t have the log from robot execution is empthy, but i have generated file Log (Robot Logs) on the local machine A.

I would also like to know the orchestrator application logs on the machine B, without having to read the robot file logs on local machine A

I hope I was able to explain

Thank you very much