How can i see the logs in orchestrator

I have a robot that write a log file when executes, i’m using orchestrator to run it on a server. How can i find the logs? Is it saved locally or i can find them in orchestrator?

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Hi @guilherme.dias

You can find the logs in the below folder


Another Method

Click on Automation → Logs




Go to the Jobs page and click the 3 dots all the way to the right and then View Logs.

However, you said…

" I have a robot that write a log file when executes,"

And that’s different. If your automation writes its own logs, you’ll find those logs where the automation was designed to save them.

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It worked, thank you!

@ guilherme.dias
The logs cab be seen in Orchestrator for each of the bot processes under Jobs as in the screen shot below,

There is another place to see the logs at C:\Users**\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs

The same path can be accessed via Studio> Debug>Open Logs

Please let us know if you still has an issue

Best Wishes

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