Orchestrator API Usage - External Application

Hi All,

Is anyone able to use the Orchestrator API OAuth2.0 for authorization, getting token and starting a job in orchestrator via NodeJs?

I did try and followed the documentation but I am getting an error

Node.js code

External Application


If anyone has been able to successfully integrate it, please let me know

Hello @Saksham,

are you sure that “client_id” = App ID from the application? Why are you using “client_credentials” authentication type?



Maybe it’s because of the code? Isn’t it passing parameters as the request headers? They should be included in the request body, as you see here:


Hi Artur,

The reason I am using the client credentials auth type is because if I choose the authorisation code type , it would require a manual intervention (this is what I have observed when I used postman where as soon as I request a new token, i need to first login to the automation cloud account first)

I am pretty new to this and looking for ways to do so.

Something must be wrong with the request - it’s not correctly taking the data.