Unable to Get Access token to Orchestrator using API from Postman

Hi Team,
I’m trying to get an access token by sending a post request to “https://account.uipath.com/oauth/token” from Postman.

I’ve given the payload as mentioned in the Using OAuth for External Apps but, getting “Access denied” as response, though I have admin access in the orchestrator.

I’ve created the External Application with the Administration scope to application and used the Client ID and Secret from the same. But, still unable to generate Access token.

Can someone please help me to generate an Access token which can be used along with other APIs (start job, Get bucket details, upload file etc…).

Went through many forums and docs but nothing resolved the issue.

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Hey @AswinSridhar

Kindly refer this - Cloud API Access - #12 by Nithinkrishna


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This saved my life! Thank you so much @Nithinkrishna. This is what exactly I was searching for!

For explicate features of Postman, I’d recommend setting the Authorization Type to OAuth 2.0 on the Collection/Folder and then have any subsequent requests within the collection inherit from the parent.

Its a bit cleaner and nicer to work with then say writing Post/Test Scripts so that the Authorization Request is run before other requests when needed or running the collection.

Another approach is to write a Pre-Script that mixes the use of Authorization on the Collection/Request that handles both the initial token and refresh tokens when the token has expired, or if you want to explicitly run an Authorization Request before another Request.

Cool @AswinSridhar :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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