Orchestrator API - Specific Data Schema shows null even though the queue has one


But through the API:

"Name": "0330 -Enter....",
  "Description": null,
  "MaxNumberOfRetries": 0,
  "AcceptAutomaticallyRetry": false,
  "EnforceUniqueReference": true,
  "SpecificDataJsonSchema": null,
  "OutputDataJsonSchema": null,
  "AnalyticsDataJsonSchema": null,

Also note that the API is returning the Queue name with that space after 0330. I actually renamed it to remove that space, yet the API is still seeing the old name.

Is the API behind on updates and not real-time?

I found the GetJsonSchemaDefinition method. But it appears to be broken:

Obviously the value I provided it matches what it says it requires:

Oh, the documentation is wrong. The correct value is not SpecificData it’s SpecificDataJsonSchema. But I’m getting…


Yet as you see in the original screenshot the queue does have a schema defined.

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Geez, the queue is showing up in the API under two different IDs one with the original name with the extra space, one with the new name. WTF

Apparently when you rename a queue it doesn’t just rename it, it creates a new queue with a new ID and somehow hides the old one (looks like it does this by moving it to Org Id 69). Yikes. Talk about a good way to break automations.

I was coincidentally trying to use this API call myself today, thanks for posting this and saving me a ton of time trying to figure out the error in the documentation.