Json Schema for Queues in Orchestrator

Hi UiPath Developers ,

Options are available for uploading Specific Data JSON Schema , Output Data JSON Schema , Analytics Data JSON Schema while adding/editing Queues in Orchestrator.

I understand every developers set his own schema as per project requirement but Can anybody explain in which format to use them with small examples ? how those 3 different Schema behaves and how to use that functionality.

I didn’t find much details in documents and one guy already posted similar question way back which didn’t got required answers :

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Hy @RPABot_Developer,

Please check this link about orchestrator queues

According to Re framework model, you would upload data based on excel file, this is the most important thing to know about queues

Check it in the link below. I was able to upload using the sample.

Does anybody have any insight on this topic?
Indeed input JSON validate the transaction before logging to the queue in status New.
However what is the purpose of the output and the analytics schema?