Get Orchestrator queue ID using queue name via Orchestrator API call


Can anyone please let me know how to get the queue ID by passing queue name as the input in the orchestrator HTTP request? What should be the json Payload? I assume that the JSON Payload is not a mandatory value for GET.


I am using the relative endpoint as below:
“/odataQueueDefinitions?$filter=Name eq '”+in_QueueName.tostring+“'”


yes, as cross shecked on swagger

give a try with an empty string

I tried giving empty value. But I am getting 404 error.

it was working at my end

I ommited the folderpath for using the default configured folder link
(bottom right - UiPath Studio - Folder dropdown)

Were you able to get the queue ID by passing queue name?

This is my endpoint where I am passing queue name as a variable

“/odata/QueueDefinitions?$filter=Name eq ‘”+in_QueueName.tostring+“’”

I am getting the error code as 400.


Thi issue is fixed when I removed the Orchestrator queue folder variable.


Yes was working:

Done with:
String.Format("/odata/QueueDefinitions?%24filter=Name%20eq%20'{0}'", in_Queuename)

Kindly note: sometimes the vaildiation message of required payload field is shown even with “” or String.Empty. I just ignored and hit debug, which was working. Maybe there is an internal confusion within this activity