Orchestrator API queue item request results is capped to 1000

Hi all,

I need to get all queue items (5000+ items), loop through them and look for a certain value. I decided to use the Orchestrator API (because the ‘‘get queue items’’ activity is capped on about 100 item results). However, I just found out that the Orchestrator API results are also capped, I only see the 1000 latest results.

Does anyone have an idea how I can still get all my results? If I can still get them all with multiple calls, that would be fine too.


Why not Do While with Get Queue Items until you find what you’re looking for?

Get queue items only gives you the most recent 100 (or so) items. I need to get ALL items

The ORC Rest Api also offers a Skip functionality

so we would handle similar

here with filter, select … functionalities maybe also some modifications / optimizations can be tuned.

Feel free to elaborate more on your case

I actually managed to solve this issue by using Odata clauses (filter more specificly on the request-end so I won’t need ALL items on the robot-end).

You can still loop with Get Queue Items to get them all. Or just loop until you’ve found the value you’re looking for.

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