How to get queue items more than 1000

Hi guys,
I’m trying to get queue items by api but it just gives max 1000 items but I need more than this to check if I have got this item before or not thus I need queue items more than 1000 such as 25.000 even more,

I checked the forum and I realized there were only solution up to 1000 but as i said this was not what I needed,

I used that get method for queue :
https://uipath.(organizationname)/odata/QueueItems?$filter=QueueDefinitionId eq (queueid)& $Status eq Successful

Somehow it just brings me only 1000 records but it is also typed @data.count: 30103 in the browser,

Anyone has any kind of solution for this ?
Thanks in advance.

use skip / page for the retrieval optional along with an ordering

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at once you can fetch 1000, so you can loop it and skip first 1000 every time.

Just to add, you can fetch 1000 and take the timestamp x of last queue item, then add the condition for timestamp great than that x.

Timestamp part is demonstrated below:

Orchestrator API query functions - Help - UiPath Community Forum

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