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Morning All

I have managed to do the authenticate through postman and get my Access Token and Bearer Token.

But when I start a new get request to get releases or Robot IDs it just says

“message”: “You are not authenticated!”,
“errorCode”: 0,
“result”: null,
“targetUrl”: null,
“success”: false,
“error”: {
“code”: 0,
“message”: “You are not authenticated!”,
“details”: “You should be authenticated (sign in) in order to perform this operation.”,
“validationErrors”: null
“unAuthorizedRequest”: false,
“__abp”: true

Im assuming I have to carry some of the previous gained information across but I don’t know-how?

Not sure which document you are following, but please check the below thread for new documentation on Orchestrator API

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Thats where I started

Hi @Jersey_Practical_Sho

It would help if you could provide an explanation of what you did and in which order :slight_smile:


I have done the authenticate SO I now have the bearer token.

I have done the second part now where I do a Get request to gather license information and that worked.

Im now doing a new Get request to pull Robot ID’s but get

“message”: “An organization unit is required for this action.”,
“errorCode”: 1101,
“resourceIds”: null

Retrieving All Robots That Can Execute a Specific Process

Interesting. Could you try adding this additional header?

X-UIPATH-FolderPath: Default

Docs about it here:

awesome thankyou

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