Orchestrator Alerts and Job Fatal Level

Hi All,

Question for the community… I’ve set up the Email Alerts in Orchestrator. Received a couple emails already about pending Jobs. My primary use for this is to receive email should a fatal level error occur in the middle of a Process. Example in the screenshot.

The Robot’s Role permissions for Alerts have been set to: View, Edit, and Create.

However the fatal messages aren’t being capture by Orchestrator.

Can someone provide some insight on this? Is this doable without Raising Alerts?


Hi @Jarzzz

Have you set the robot log level to log fetal errors

Let know whether this helps…

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Thanks for that! I’ve changed the Logging Level on all Robots Logging and Log Levels

I’ve set the Logging Level to Warning as i only want to see Warm & Fatal errors. I have still yet to see either get generated by email. Any thoughts on why this might be happening? The robots are in mid process do they need to finish before the “new” settings are applied?

As you can see the alerts in the Robot logs are not being capture in the Alerts page.

This hasn’t worked. Had to revert back to the Information level. Turning the Logging Level on and Changing to Warn only changed the Job/Robot Logs did not impact the Alert Logs.

Job/Robot Logs are not communicating with Alert Logs.

Still need help.

This was a misunderstanding on my part. Log are working as they should be. Hopefully Process Alerts can be something tracked through Orchestrator in the near future.

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