Allow configuration of email notification levels in Orchestrator by robot

It would be really nice if we could configure what notifications we receive about our bots from orchestrator for each bot.

For example: i have my development workstation configured as a development robot in orchestrator, but when the laptop goes offline orchestrator alerts me that one of my bots is offline.

I would have assumed a development bot would not trigger these kinds of alerts meant for monitoring production processes, and I can’t turn the email notifications off for just this bot, when I have other robots I would like to continue to monitor with the email alerts.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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Any update?

any update on this?

it’s not half as annoying until everyone starts working from vpn

Hi Guys,
I know it might seems that nothing is happening here but whole process of adding features is time consuming. There are a lot of feedbacks and requests for massive amount of features. At the moment the only thing I can tell is that this request has been moved to the next step what means that it’s accepted and has been moved to further review :slight_smile:


I was also looking for such i kind of function mentioned by @Joseph_Iaquinto! Would be great to decide for each robot if alerts should be created and in case which alerts should be raised. At the moment we also get alerts from our dev stations each time they go offline.

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