Email notification when bot goes to error/ faulted level in Orchestrator

I am using DB interference to collect Orchestrator data and I have to use Level column in the Logs table in DB to check if the bot gets Error/Faulted.
But since the Bot returns around 200-300 rows of Error logs, I need an idea on how to categorise to get only 1 row of error log /faulted among 300 rows of same log time to send Email alert that it has faced error/faulted issue.

Query the jobs table and look at the status, instead of querying the logs table.

However, you can configure Orchestrator to automatically send email when a job fails.

Thank you!
Yes, I need to Join both jobs and the Logs table, since Jobs table has the :StartTime &EndTime of the Bot, wherein the Logs only has what level: Error, Faulted, Info.

Configuring Orchestrator, will it work even if we are offline? Because the Main idea is to get notified when we are not available.

The jobs table has the status ie faulted, success, etc

What do you mean “if we are offline?” Orchestrator is a server app, it should be always running. It can send emails just like any other app.

Sorry for the Delay. I can also use Jobs table, but with the state column in it , it can fail due to various reasons and the Info column in it is not providing accurate Message on why it fails. Also when the bot fails, its giving exception message and move to success state . All these were generic

Wherein in logs table, it has level in order to identify along with the Message column which gives accurate message on why it caused error.
I will look into the idea of using orchestrator to send notifications. but the requirement was to gather data from db and notify.

Are you using Queues? That would be the best place to look for failure reason. There’s literally a Reason field you populate with whatever you want.

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I will look into the Queue table .Thank you!

It’s not really a table.

If you don’t already know how to use Queues, I suggest doing the free online UiPath training. You should learn those basics before trying to write automations.

I know about the Queues. Since I am interacting with Db like I said in the beginning, the Queues data from the Orchestrator will get stored in the Db under the Queues table. So I will dive deeper into it as per your Suggestion.