Orchestrator: adding assets, but after a while they are gone


I am using the assets in orchestrator to put in some secured credentials but after a while, when I login again, they are ‘gone’.
What I find strange too is, when i login in orchestrator, I get this screen:

I do not understand how this is working. I think I have several organizations created, but that is not what i want

who can help me



Because of security orchestrator will not show the credentials once we enter the credentials in the credentials asset. it does not mean that the credentials are gone. it will be present but those are hidden for security purpose. you can use get credentials activity and get the credentials by using the key name which you have given orchestrator.

I am not sure why do you have so many organizations which kind of misleading and confusing. try to maintain one or two organizations to connect to your orchestrator. thanks.


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As @kirankumar.mahanthi1 said once the credentials are entered, later you can’t able to see the password, it will display as dots(…) only

Which cloud are you using? Is it that Community / Enterprise?


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The concept of Assets in orchestrator is store and read it by UiPath activities like get credentials. You can’t read the value of credential (password) via orchestrator.


I am using UIPath Studio Community.


Okay, looping forum manager @loginerror to look into the organization issue


Hi @kws1

This is strange. Could you maybe delete the unwanted organizations by going to:
Admin → Organization Settings and then at the bottom:

This can be done by logging in fresh into your account, choosing the unwanted organization, and then doing the steps above. Then log out, login in again, and choose another unwanted organization until all unwanted organizations are deleted.

Please let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

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Perfect solution!
thanks a lot

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