Credentials changed from Orchestrator to Windows Security

Hi everyone !

I have some processes using SAP, all have the same credentials from Orchestrator (but different in different folder) and are on the same environment.

Last week, one of the process stoped for the first time when trying to get the credentials with this pop up


Today, another one has the same problem.

They all run everyday.

So my question is why is there a change in the way the assets are taken ?From Orchestrator to Windows Security ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

HI @Geoffroy_Pantegnies

Most probably you have a condition like
getting the credentials from orchestrator and the variable return empty ask for credentials something like this

Check whether you have receiving somthing when its getting the credentials from orchestrator


Thanks for answering !

The assets have the credentials, it’s not empty.
Futhermore, I’ve now taken a ‘Get Credential’ activity, which still use the same asset.

Check whether it is returning something while running

Give a message box and print the username and see


The message box is returning the username and I can the password is also present.