Orchestrator 2017.1 and Robot ROBOT 2018.1.2


I upgrade UiPath Studio & Robot to 2018.1.2 version. But I cannot connect Robot with Orchestrator.
I’ve an 503 error.
Orchestrator version is 2017.1
With 2016.2 Robot I connected with Orchestrator without problem.

Is there a compatibility problem between those versions ?

P.S. : I’ve not found Compatibility in documentation. :frowning:


We upgraded Orchestrator to 2018.1.2, and then connected 2018.1.2 Studio / Robot to Orchestrator - haven’t seen any issues.

You will need to import license keys in 2018.1.2 (which wasn’t required in 2016.2) in case you haven’t done that already.


A side question: is 2018.1.2 already out? Where can I get one?

Best Greets


yes, it is - https://www.uipath.com/release-notes/uipath-v2018.1.2 . One can subscribe to releases from https://www.uipath.com/release-notes

We got it same way as we got 2018.1.1 i.e. I asked installer path to our UiPath account manager.


In addition to what Kapil said above, you can take a look at the Orchestrator CE: https://platform.uipath.com/ - there is always the latest released version.