UiPath Studio and Orchestrator

I was wanting help on a few questions I had

  1. Our current version of UIPATH is 2016.2.6274 ,and what I am being told is that Orchestrator has to be on the same version and all developers have to be on the same version of studio, Is this a true statement ?. Orchestrator is not forwards or backwards compatible with different versions. All have to be in sync to be able to run on Orchestrator and/or to work on other’s scripts.

  2. if we upgrade to the latest version of Uipath studio can we not upgrade Orchestrator as well and will this cause any issues ?

Looking for help on this as I want to get the correct information as we building a team to use UIPATH and I am sure everyone faces this issue.

Thanking you all


Good questions.

  1. I do not believe that this is true, however, the version needs to be compatible with the version of Orchestrator that you are using. However, anything about 2016.2 should be fine.
  2. As long as you are on 2016.2 and above which is on long term support then you should not have compatibility issues, however, you obviously won’t get the new features of the latest version of Orchestrator, some of which are very cool.

@Ovidiu_Bestea could you confirm compatibility please?


thanks Richard, I appreciate it

With versions 2016.2 and 2017.1 (the 4 possible combinations of Studio/Robot and Orchestrator) we only say it is advisable when you upgrade one (client or server) to upgrade the other, too - to keep them in sync.

We had once a single restriction: Studio 16.2 worked with Orchestrator 16.1, but Studio 16.1 did not work with Orchestrator 16.2

Whenever we’ll have compatibility restrictions, the information will be in the release notes.

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I can atleast confirm that if you publish a project in the new version the .json format is different and will no longer work if you try to publish it again on the older version of Studio. But, you can get around it by copying an old version of the .json file and edit it for your project.

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