Any issues Connecting 2017.1 Robot to 2016.2 Orchestrator


Am just working through upgrading our environment to 2017.1.

Are there any issues caused by connecting a 2017.1 Robot to a 2016.2 Orchestrator? Will it run jobs as expected?

As far as i know 2016.2 and 2017.1 are fully compatible.


Been running on 2017.1 pointing at a 2016.2.6274 version of Orchestrator for several days without issue.


Great news - thanks UiPath, that really helps with a controlled migration to the upgraded version.

Greetings David_Johnston,

We are looking at the same. Were you able to find any documentation on upgrade path or did you experience any issues worth noting?

Appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you,

Hi Scott,

Quick answer, worked fine for us in all combinations.

We have done the upgrade. We had 2017.1 robots connected fine to a 2016.2 orchestrator and running processes. We also had 2016.2 robots connected to a 2017.1 orchestrator and running processes.

Two things to pay attention to:

  1. 2017.1 actually has a tick box for enable/disable alerts, which is disabled by default, so if you use these be sure to turn on. Caught us out.

  2. Licence activation for orchestrator is way different. Definitely need to work through this. The basics are you need to upgrade a robot that is licenced, and has an internet connection. Run the activation instructions on it, and it should get a lic file to upload to the orchestrator. If it doesn’t, you need to get in touch with uipath sales to get your entitlements right. Manual activation is not an option any more, which was a pain for us as robots and orchestrator were in a zone with very locked down internet access.

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This might help you also, it is my additions to the uipath upgrade instructions.

Most this is due to our environment (AD SSO, Files on D Drive). Migrating existing packages isn’t well covered in standard documentation.
UiPath 2017.pdf (527.8 KB)