Orch - Jobs Wont Start - Modern Folder

I cannot launch a Job from Orchestrator. I can however launch them from the bot server.

I am using Modern Folders and Machine Templates.
Template setup, assigned a license key.
Machine Key is set on bot server and is connected, licensed and process has been pushed from orch to bot server.

Orch user is setup as admin. Unattended robot credentials have been entered

Folder has been created. User (type - unattended, role - admin) and Machine template have been linked here.

I can launch the process FROM the bot server and see log info via Orchestrator.

I CANNOT launch the job from Orchestrator.
Am I missing something?

thanks you


Good morning Pablo, can you plz take a look on this?, I have something similar.


Hi Guys,
I will check this with proper team and we let you know what can be the reason :slight_smile:

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We would need to know what the job status is in Orchestrator after trying to kick it off? Is it pending or is faulting? Please also check of the Robot is not installed in user mode (which makes it available only when user session is active).


Thx Pablito but, in my case plz check your messages I tag yuo on my post specifically. My issue is that No jobs with current date are been read from Get Jobs activity which then makes ‘Start Job’ activity fails.


Hi John, what version of UiPath do you have installed? Is it community? If so, running an unattended job is not supported. You need the enterprise version of our software.

That said, are you seeing an error message in Orchestrator? Could you please share it?