Oracle EBS Can't Recognize Valid 5 Digit Supplier Number string (nonbreaking space? hidden characters? bad settings on "Type Into"?)

I have a workflow where the UiPath robot reads in a template Excel sheet full of invoice information (Supplier Name, Supplier Number, invoice Number, and invoice amount) then types that information into an Oracle EBS Forms to query the invoice in Accounts Payable.

We have had little issues with this prior to last week when someone sent in an Excel form with Supplier Numbers (4 or 5 digits, all legitimate valid Supplier Numbers) that for some reason are now not getting recognized in Oracle EBS. Instead, once the Robot types in the valid 5 digit Supplier Number (in_SupplierNumber_Excel+ “[k(tab)]” is what is entered in the TypeInto activity) in the Supplier Number field - a rejection message at the bottom of the screen results saying : “FRM-40212: Invalid value for field VENDOR NUMBER”. We would expect those 5 digits to return a valid supplier’s information because the 5 digits do correspond with a valid Supplier record in our system

As part of my troubleshooting, I stopped the robot after encountering this rejection while watching and deleted the string the Robot entered in Java/Oracle EBS then manually typed in “12345” (without the quotes) into the Supplier Number field in Oracle EBS and hit tab. The proper supplier information immediately populated.

Confusingly, other people have sent in the same Excel form template (where the Supplier Number column is always formatted “General” in Excel) with 5 digit Supplier Numbers last week and the robot appropriately found their Supplier Records in Oracle EBS.

I’m extremely confused about what is seemingly causing this confusion only on seemingly 1 template - is it a “non-breaking space character”? Is it other hidden characters? Is it because of my TypeInto settings that are causing a reaction (see screenshot above for settings)?

I tried to edit the “in_SupplierNumber_excel” variable to remove non-breaking space characters and that did not work (in_SupplierNumber_Excel.replace(chr(160),"") as the same error resulted.

Any thoughts on what could be seemingly wrong?


had you tried: in_SupplierNumber_Excel.Trim() as well?

otherwise we would recommend to inspect the value while debugging within one of the debugging panels e.g. by: in_SupplierNumber_Excel.length

Also check that the bot and application is reliable synchronized


If there is doubt to contains any illegal characters in the string, the following expression might help you. (Use it in WriteLine activity or Immediate panel)

String.Join(",",in_SupplierNumber_Excel.Select(function(x) ascw(x).ToString).ToArray)

This returns character code of each chaacter. If input string is “12345”, it returns 49,50,51,52,53.