Type into activity does not type number 9


I have a “Read cell” activity collecting the value of a cell from an Excel sheet. This value is saved in a variable at UiPath and later used in a “Type into” activity in a website. It works fine with all values (numbers and letters) except for number 9. All numbers starting with 9 do not get written. All numbers with 9 only get the first digits written until it gets to 9 (which is replaced with zero).

Is this a bug? Is it my mistake, and if so what can I do to fix it?

Thanks a lot!

Hey @Migueldvs.

If you put that variable in a Write Line or Message box activity, does it show correctly?

Yes. I’ve used a Message Box and the value is shown correctly.


Which site are you using, this might be problem from website ( might have JavaScript filter in textbox…

It works perfectly when I tried to write to Google, can you confirm once.


Hey @megharajky!

I’m using internet explorer in an internal (intranet) website of my firm. There is a table within that website page, and the weird part is that number 9 works in some columns of that table, but fails to work in some other columns.

Where can I fix the JavaScript filter in textbox?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Migueldvs,
Try using Send Hotkey, it always works for me.