Desktop automation with oracle database connectivity

Hi There.
As a part of desktop top attended bot automation, we are to deploy for 455 users, we need to connect to oracle data base to retrieve the data.
We dont want to connect to database asking for access to all 455 users.
What is the best approach and Is there a way we can use the 1 single service account like API’s to access db and hit for all 455 users using 1 db service account instead of giving 455 users access.

Please let us know what works best.

Thank you,
K V Vinay Kumar

Hi @Vinay_Kumar4 ,

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I have done automation once on Oracle db but they didn’t create any user specific access for me they have the common credentials for each developer but the only catch was we are not allow to write data only read permission was given to us.

Not sure on access part but if in your case only you required read permission then Oracle Administrator can provide those access for all users with common credentials.