Oracle DB on a different server

I have a process on DEV that is expected to run queries and read results from a remote Oracle DB.

There is 3 options for robot to interact with DB:

  1. Through a tool (Oracle SQL Developer)
  2. Through .sql scripts
  3. Directly from within UiPath

What is the best option? Did anyone have any guides for how to do it?

Thank you,

This is a quite common question, and you can find answers in any of below topics. With regard to your other options - using SQL Developer seems like an overly complicated approach. Sure, you can use Desktop Automation to open SQL Developer, and then create and maintain your databases here - but why would you? UiPath allows you to execute any query against your database, and this covers creation of databases, maintaining users, assigning permissions, and much more.

Thank you very much redlynx82! I will go with execute the query from within UiPath then.

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