I can't find the robot icon at UIpath orchestrator at the classic folder

Hi guys I need your help, I am unable to create a robot at the UIpath orchestrator, I can’t see the robot icon at the navigation bar. Do you know to enable it so I can create my robot at the UIpath orchestrator, it would very helpful if you can help!

@Jarrod_Stewart Click on Tenant option right top corner and then you will see the option to add robot

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yes but that option only allows me to view the robot and I can’t create a new one there

@Jarrod_Stewart Follow the below step once and let me know

  1. Go to Tenant
  2. Go to Folders
  3. select the default folder or any folder you are using
  4. Assign user or group
  5. Type admin user name or any other user who has admin or robot role.

Or else you can go to Tenant in Orchestrator then users then select your user name and then edit access and Robot or Admin role.


@Jarrod_Stewart, Try this
Steps to provision of Robots in Orchestractor

  1. Inorder for the process to be functional, first we need to connect the robot instance to Orchestractor.
  2. Robot Configuration – Establish a connction between Robot and Orchestractor.
  3. In Orchestractor → Go to Machines Tab → Click “+” Sign → Click “Add Standard Machine” → Give your machine name.

Thank you it works now but in my project, I can only run the project I can’t update it at. It shows (Read-Only) how do i solve this?

Try to create a new process and see if you can still see it in read-only…
I think the current process you don’t have read/write access to the directory/file.

Hi Sir sorry for my late reply, how do I check if I have read or write access to the directory file?

@Jarrod_Stewart Go to the Project Main Directory and then right click and go to property and then security…

You can see if you have all the rights to the user you are using…


Yup Sir all permission is there but project still in read only mood

You must be using the attended type of robot…Where you cannot edit the script,

Can you confirm it…

Go to UiPath Orchestrator and then robot and change the type to Unattended or RPA Developer,

There i use modern folder technique to create the robot but I think the problem is my robot it can’t be connected

You have to go to the modern folder you are using on orchestrator and add the robot with type unattended or RPA Developer type…

Then it will be automatically interfaced in tenants