Open "Write Text File" output in Excel

Hello, I have an “Output File” I got from the Write Text File Activity and I hope to open it as an Excel file. I’ve tried these several methods that doesn’t work;
1 - Desktop recording
2 - The longer way, by opening the folder to get to the “Output File” location and opening it w/ the use of Activities like Send Hotkeys, Click etc
3 - Opening the “Output File” directly from Excel

All of the above methods ultimately asks me to choose which software I’d like to open the “Output File” which I wasn’t able to select via screen recording and Activities. Is there another way to open the “Output File” as an Excel without the selection part? Or is there a way to let UiPath select Excel either via desktop recording or the activities (without the selection disappearing midway while recording/scripting)?

open a new excel file and then use hotkeys/shortcuts to import text file, or write few lines in VBA to import the text file use the invoke macro activity (passing it necessary info like filepath of text file)

Hi @Jiahui,

1.First try to rename it as excel…

2.And then open it using the start process Activity give whole path in it…


@Vashisht you can’t change the file extension and hope to open it with a whole new program. It is still a plain text file, therefore if you told the computer it was a .xlsx or .xls file it would cause an error

Then try to convert the text in the txt file into the excel…And then open that excel…

Is that ok?