Keep the Excel File Open

  1. How to open a specific template File
    Example Abc.xlsx in analysis for Excel application
  2. And Then Click on Analysis From Tab option.

The thing is that it is opening a blank excel and clicking the Tab option whereas I want to open that specific File and it should be open

Thanks in advance:)

Hello @anmita

Can you explain the requirement here?
Instead of UI based automation can you try with Excel package. Which is providing many activities, that helps for background automation of excel process.

Else if it something different plz explain here, will try to resolve.

If still you want to go with UI based automation try to use “Use applicaiton/Browser” activity and open the excel.

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@Rahul_Unnikrishnan My Question is that
1)Open Excel in Analysis for Excel
2)Open a Specific File from directory(documents/abc.xlsx)

But it is opening a Blank File instead of the specific one


Can you try with the full path of the file?