Open Word Protected with word application scope

I have a question. in excel application scope we are able to insert the password of excel protected file at the properties.
how about word application scope?
if there is a word file the protected with password then how to open it with word application scope?

thanks in advance


I think as of now they provided option for Excel and PDF files
May be in future UiPath team will provide that Feature.

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Naveen CH


If the word document is password protected, then while using the document in word application scope, when you run the workflow it asks for the password and you have to provide the password manually.

Please find the attached screenshot

Hi Naveen,
thanks for the reply.

is there any way to open word protected file with word application scope?
I need to use word application scope because I need the others functions such as replace text ,etc.

Hi Anil,

yes you are correct. but somehow I cannot type the password into that box.
I already used “type into” but somehow the robot doesn’t work and stopped till “open password box”

but if I use “start process” function and use “type into” function it’s work.


is there any update for this?
how to open word file that protected by using word application scope?

thanks in advance


Start process and typeinto is working, if the word file is password protected.


hi Anil5,

Thank you for your reply.
At my previous comment i had mentioned that if I using start process it can / work.
unfortunately I need to use word application scope because I need other functions such as replace text, etc.

so now I need to open password using word application scope.
I had tried type into, set text, click with text, etc. none of that functions works.


Using type into or set text will not work under word application scope, so if you could see for excel application scope the password provided field doesn’t open as we have a property for password and it happens in background.

So you can try this

  1. StartProcess
  2. Typeinto
  3. WordApplicationScope.

I have used the same path in start process and wordapplicationscope and was successfully able to read the entire word document and perform replace functions.


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Hi Anil5,

thank you! it’s work for me.


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