How to enable editing in excel in uipath

Hi all,

How can i write into excel when it is in protected mode, any activity for that?

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Using Excel Application Scope, that has a property
EditPassword if the excel can be edited only with a password and also a
Password property, if the whole table is protected.

And I have found this…


The sheet is not password protected, just we need to click enable edit option, so for that i want to know whether any activity is there or not.

Please find the attached screenshot

If I try to do something in an excel, that is protected like this, I do not have any problems. I tried using Excel Application Scope and to see if it works, I’ve created a random datatable that I put in an AppendRange activity, and it worked! What would you like to do in that excel? If something that you can do in Excel Application Scope, it has to work.



This is not a problem when you use “Excel Application Scope” activity. It will work without problems :slight_smile: