Open two websites in different tabs in same browser window



I want to open a website on a browser then on the same window I want to open a new tab and open other website in it.
How can this be achieved?
I want to do this is Internet Explorer 11.

Browser activity - web automation

Please use “UiPath.Core.Activities.OpenBrowser” and make sure to change Browser Type= IE under Input properties.
Hope my inputs are useful.


Here we go.
newtab.xaml (7.7 KB)


Thanks a lot! It works.
I have a question - How does the type into activity work even without indicating the element (address bar) in the browser?


I was using the open browser activity. The main problem was in opening a new tab and navigating it to a new url.
Anyways thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:


because as cursor is in default address bar position.
You can make use of indicating on the screen with appropriate selector to avoid exception in case.(For robust solution)