Open two websites in different tabs in same browser window

I want to open a website on a browser then on the same window I want to open a new tab and open other website in it.
How can this be achieved?
I want to do this is Internet Explorer 11.

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Please use “UiPath.Core.Activities.OpenBrowser” and make sure to change Browser Type= IE under Input properties.
Hope my inputs are useful.

Here we go.
newtab.xaml (7.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot! It works.
I have a question - How does the type into activity work even without indicating the element (address bar) in the browser?

I was using the open browser activity. The main problem was in opening a new tab and navigating it to a new url.
Anyways thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

because as cursor is in default address bar position.
You can make use of indicating on the screen with appropriate selector to avoid exception in case.(For robust solution)

Is there any way of doing open a website on a browser then on the same window , open new tab and open new website in it using “Chrome” browser?

Use send hot keys Ctrl + T it will open a new tab. Then use Navigate To activity to go to any URL