Open URL in different tabs one browser

Hi everyone! Can anybody help me? I need read url from excel in one browser window, but in different tabs, but all rows open in different windows. What activities I should use? Attach my flowchart to see what I’ve already done. Thank a lot!
Flowchart.xaml (27.2 KB)


similar question here : Open different websites into different tab but on one browser - #4 by loginerror maybe it could help you out


@elnarissa If you want to open in different tabs, follow below steps,

  1. Attach Existing Browser using “Attach browser”
  2. Send Hotkey "Ctrl + t " to open a new tab
  3. Attach Newly opened tab using “Attach browser” Activity in the same browser
  4. Use the “Navigate” Activity to search the URL.

Hey, get a loop through all your urls, and inside this loop attach you browser with Attach Browser Activity and then you can inject JS with Inject Js Script to open new tab with your url :

“function () {”+your_url+“, ‘_blank’);return true;}”



Hello! Unfortunetaly, it’s doesnt work or I do something wrong. Use steps in Open Browser, but new windows (not tabs) of browser open and send hotkey doesnt work too…

Send hotkey should work. Try editing the selector to the tab element, not the webpage inside it.