Open .msg file and download the zipped attachment

Hi, I am new to StudioX, could someone please help me out how do I open a .msg file saved in a folder and download the attachment that contains zipped attachment, the extracted attachment needs to also be renamed with date extension to it.

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Hi Paul, I need help opening up the .msg already saved in the folder and then extracting their attachments

Hi @akshata.bhat ,

Maybe you can try using the Below Components in Marketplace :

  1. First to Convert .msg file to .eml
  1. Next, to convert .eml to MailMessage Object, we have the below Component.

Using the MailMessage Object we should be able to Extract/Download the Attachments from it

Hi, is there any alternative to the Adrosonic package?

Hi ,

This post might be useful .

This will help I invest time to find this.