How to convert .eml file to .msg file which are saved in local

How to convert .eml file to .msg file without using custom UiPath Package/Activities? - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum
@Nikhil_Khandelwal @Nikhil_Mishra
can you help me on this if you got the solution

Hi @kishore_praveen

Follow the below steps to achieve the output.

  1. Use “Get Outlook Mail Messages” and store the output in an variable say MailMessages(datatype: List(MailMessage))
  2. Run an “For Each” loop to iterate through each email and by using “Save Mail Message” actvitiy save the email in .eml format.
  3. Use “Rename file” activity to rename the .eml file to .msg file. Make sure you uncheck Keep Extension.

Note: Attached the workflow for reference
Sequence7.xaml (7.3 KB)

Hope it helps!!

Hey @Parvathy
I am getting this error after renaming it to .msg. is there any other solution


Is it necessary to open that .msg file to create your further process.
If it’s necessary try converting the .eml to .mht file as .mht file wuill open in Google Chrome or MS Edge.


I have .eml files in my local and I have to retrieve attachments from that eml files. I am using read saved email to object activity which I found in market place and able to retrieve them. But again there is an issue in the .eml files there is .msg attachments which that is not able to process. we tried converting that .eml file to .msg and checked. It was able to retrieve attachemnts (msg attachments inside msg file after converting from .eml ).
So I thought of converting all the eml files to msg and run the workflow.

You can retrieve the attachments through “Save Mail Attachements” activity to save the attachments in the mail rather than saving whole email in .eml format.

Otherwise Use “Save Outlook Mail Message” activity it directly save the email in .msg format.
Refer the workflow below.

Hope it helps!!

We need not to download any files from the mail, our use case is itself extracting attachments from .eml files. which are already saved in our local. There are around 50000 eml files and we have to retrieve attachments from them.

Use save mail attachments activity it might help.


I had once read about MailSystem package
By using this you can convert your eml files to desire one. Can you check is it present ?

You want to convert eml file to msg file which are saved in local. Yes, Mailvita EML to MSG Converter Software is simple way to convert eml files to msg file format and easily to saved your whole data in local drive.