How to Read a .msg file and save attachement

Hello Guys,

I have .msg file, wanna download attachment from it. please give me idea.

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Please follow below thread:

Already read , i am not getting it can you elaborate , if you automate this scenario please send me xaml file


Please find the attached Zip file. It contains one Nuget package file and workflow.
Copy that package file into UIPath app data folder and then go to Manage package in UIPath studio and then install it. (145.2 KB)


Read the mail usng get mail activity as per your requirement
output will be of type mail message
use for each loop of the mail message, check with if condition if there are any attachments,
Then, if you have any attachments then save them usng save attachments, the output of save attachment will have IEnumberable attachments, so this will have the path along with name of the file and type of the file, again use if statement to check if the IEnumerable attachments ends with .msg format or not,

Let us know if you have any doubts.

Pavan H

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