Error : Cannot access the indicated browser window

Hi All,

I’m using "click activity’ to indicate a button on chrome web page inside ‘Open browser Activity’. But it’s throwing error as shown below.


Please help me with this.

Thanks in Advance

Before using click activity try to attach that window using attach window activity and inside this attach window use the click


Sreejith S S

Inside Attach window ,Click activity is working fine.
But in my case,
I have stored the web page URL in Config file and trying to pass URL from Open Browser Activity.
Can you tell how to pass Config Variable in Attach Window?

Hi @Vaishnav_Tej
In the output of the open browser create a variable of type browser that you can pass to the attach window.
Hope that solves the issue.

Hey @Vaishnav_Tej In the attach window activity either you should indicate a window or you should provide a browser variable as input.
You already have a open browser activity create a output for that activity and pass this output in to the attach window activity.

Sreejith S S