Open Browser activity does not recognize URL due to dynamic redirection

Hello everyone,

We recently had an update of our JIRA instance in the company. A robot using the JIRA interface ran smoothly before the update. Since the update, however, the following problem has occurred: An Open Browser activity is used to start the JIRA instance. Internet Explorer is used for this. As soon as the Browser is started and the URL is called, a login screen appears. Before that, the URL within the URL-Bar changes from “about:blank” to the provided URL “https://***com/jira/issues/?jql=”. After entering the login data the JIRA instance is dynamicly redirect to the first Ticket and changes the URL to “https://***com/jira/issues/?jql=TICKETID”. The problem with this is that the browser variable created within the Open Browser activity still contains “about:blank” as URL. This means that all activities within the Open Browser activity and all subsequent workflows using the browser variable will no longer work.

If I test the whole thing with a normal website like “” everything works smoothly. Before the update it worked as well. So I’m not quite sure what could be the reason. I already tried to solve it with the Navigate To activity, but that didn’t help either.

In this picture you can see the property values of the UiBrowser Capture

I’ve also attached the corresponding workflow.JIRA_Login.xaml (15,2 KB)

Hope that you can help me.

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Hi @tobias90

Have you been able to work around this issue? Wouldn’t re-attaching to the window to refresh the variable be the solution here?