Open Browser activity suddenly stopped working

Hello. I hope someone can shed some light on this issue. I have an automation that opens Chrome, then logs into a web site and navigates to a page, then downloads a report. The first time I ran it this morning, It ran perfectly. After making no changes to the code, now I cannot get past this error: “Open Browser: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: path”

There is no null path, and the bot opens the browser then pops the above error. Again, nothing changed. The Chrome extension is working.

I have closed UiPath Studio, Terminated Chrome. Nothing. It just stopped working.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

I thank you in advance.


Did you check the BrowserType value? Is it set to BrowserType.Chrome?

Does the Report exist always? It might be navigating to the site, but the report might not be existing.

Yes, browser type is set to Chrome. Reports are always available. It’s not even getting to the point were a missing report would cause an error. The bot opens Chrome to the correct address, then bombs with the message.

Something is missing. For some reason a variable value is getting reset. Are you sure that you aren’t having code that is killing the value of the path.

A Log message of the path before using open Browser could help .

Hi @jsmcdon1 ,
This is something not sure about.
May be issue with browser. Do you mind try reinstalling and see any changes (may be some updates happened in background).

Or try to update UiPath.Core.Activities package if available else just uninstall and restart the studio.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll try that.

Thank you for the response. It’s just really odd behavior. I’ll keep looking into it.