Open browser in remote desktop


Syllaba Abou Ndiaye
June 09, 2016 12:14 ANSWERED

I would like to know how l can open a browser in a remote desktop with Uipath,

Thanks for your helps


Mihai Badita June 10, 2016 12:57
The safest and easier way to achieve this in RDP/Citrix is:

create a shortcutthat opens the browser on the RDP desktop
edit the shortcut (right click->properties) and set a Shortcut key
from UiPath use Send Hotkey activity. It will open the browser on the remote system


Andrzej.Kniola June 10, 2016 13:21
Alternatively you could use SendHotkey without the shortcut:

  1. Send (win)+R (opens Run dialog)

  2. type browser name + enter

f.e. chrome will open chrome, iexplore will open internet explorer. And you don’t need to worry if the shortcut is there or the installation files are moved.