How to open Webbrowser (IE) in citrix server

Hi Team,

After login into citrix on clicking of IE icon , that will download the client ,and then i need to click on that client to open the browser.

Question: What is the best way of doing it?

In Launched browser , i am tryed to used web and native Citrix recording , the values are not capturing.

So i used Find Element → Mouse click–> Type Text activities to populate data, but what i observed is find Element is using coordinates ,if browser is scrolled then its not working.

Application form is big ,where i need to scroll and populate the data in that case i dont think find element will help.Selectors are also not working .

If Find Relative Element should be used then please share me one example

Please let me know the best way of doing this kind of applications.


You want to open IE browser in Citrix server right ?

First send Win + r using send Hot key activity and then use type into activity and pass exe path of IE browser and enter.


Thanks @lakshman,

I will try and update you.

is there any best way to populate data , other than find element?

Please suggest


Try with Image Exists activity.

Hello @jag67,
Since 19.4 version Studio has native citrix/rdp support so you should be able to catch normally selectors inside RDP connection window. Based on this you can build proper argument for open application and navigate through it.

Hi @Pablito,

Some how we are not able to find any selectors in Citrix , but the same page when used from normal browser we are able find the selectors .

Not sure am i missing some thing.

Hi Pablito, we are planning on upgrading to 18.4.3 in the near future, I believe that also has the ability to see citrix selectors as well, correct? I believe it is an add-on

Do you simply install the add-on for studio and you are good to go? Or does something need to be installed on the citrix server?

@jag67, @Dave
Regarding Citrix support you need to perform these steps:
If you are connected to Citrix via RDP and want to build robot based on selectors etc. be sure that you have Runtime installed on remote machine:
And RDP extension installed on computer where Studio is opened:

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