Open Browser "Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer Browser" open twice

Suddenly yesterday uipath during an Open Browser activity started to open IE twice.

The flow check if the browser is open, if not:

Open Browser (with a variable for the address based on values gathered before) ;
check if exists the IE Windows Security login window, if yes:
Attach Window
and set text for User and Password.

It was working perfectly since yesterday. Now when it reach this point it opens IE twice and break returning the “Cannot communicate with IE browser” message.

Any suggestions or anyone facing this?

Thanks in advance.


Check this thread and follow the steps.

Internet Explorer x64 Troubleshooting

thank you for your fast reply. I´ve tried the possible solutions mentioned but the problem still happening. I´ve also tried add site to trustable zones and define home page as blank and still facing the problem.

i´m running v19.7.0

Thanks in advance

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Could you please run UIpath as Administrator and then try once.

Hi @Bern

Can you check did group polise changed?

I had same problem on couple machines and I solved that with “start process” activity.
For the path you just need to pass path to your IE 32bit and in argument you just need to pass your url and that’s it! :slight_smile:

Hope this help!


Hi @Nikola_Drazic,
thank you so much for your suggestion! It TOTALLY solved the problem regarding IE being opened twice.

I´m now trying to solve why it doesn´t type into or set text for in the IE Security form.

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