Open browser : Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser | Help!

Hello people,

Build a flow to train my knowledge at work and it will work until then, so today this error occurs.
My stream starts to open a URL and enters the login data, so at no time does it open a URL and not log in and then give that error. I investigated and tried several things here in the forum, does anyone have any other ideas of what it might be?

Thanks in advance!

Some prints of the errors:



The beginning of the flow where the error occurs.
Ps .: Yes, I entered the username and password fixed for a test only.



Have you checked all below threads ?

Hi @lakshman, thanks for your response.
Yes, i saw the topics, but i can have missed something also. This problem has caused major headaches rs

The Information about running IE is important, thanks for the explanation, but still do not I found the response correct. Let’s continued in search.

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Are you running the process in a server or desktop OS? Check if your internet explorer is running out of x86 or x64, if you need check this:

  • [ Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Security > uncheck Enable Enhanced Protected Mode ]

Can we see the properties panel for your browser scope activity?