Open browser activity cannot communicate with Internet Explorer

Execuse me, I’m learning about open browser activity and using it.
BrowserType is IE and Url is “”.
and when I run it, IE can be opened successfully but failed to get the url.

why did it happened? does it have something to do with the edition of UiPath? I’m using the Community Edition…

Have a look at below thread if you haven’t already,

Rammohan B.

Thanks very much, I have tried all about solutions but doesn’t work for me.
However, I asked my friend who installed the Enterprise Platform to try this problem, it works as expected without any exception, maybe I should install Enterprise too

Hey @psawai, I believe it should not be an issue with the edition of the uipath. Not sure but it should be something to do with your IE browser itself. Let me know if it works for you in the same system with enterprise. :slight_smile:

Rammohan B,

Hi @psawai:

I faced the same issue a couple of weeks ago, the issue is not due to UiPath editions or versions. I find out that there was a system update that had happened which disrupted the IE version, please check with your System admin team if there were any patches that were pushed to your system. The issue is isolated to your machine and that’s why if you try using the same activity in a different machine it would work and not on yours.

Our System admin found a Skype update that was pushed and that was prohibiting the communication to the browser, once the regedit entry for the Skype update was deleted everything was back to normal.

Hope this helps!

Hello @psawai I am not sure about the issue resolution in your case. But you can try below steps.