Open browser and Navigate url within foreach

I have 3 Different urls in List. My Scenario is, i need to open the 3 urls one at a time in open browser and do some operations and log out.
I looped the list item in foreach. Within foreach i used open browser activity.
The problem is from 2nd item, i should open the url in same tab which is logged out by the 1st url. I should not use another tab or browser.
I tried Navigate to at the end of foreach, it is opening the first item

@DeviE, Place the sequence in this order,

  1. ArrayA = (“URL1”,“URL2”,“URL3”)
  2. For each activity
  3. Inside the body of for each item in the array check a condition,
    If Array.IndexOf(ArrayA,item) = 0
    Then - Use Open browser
    Else - Use NavigateTo

Summary - Open browser only for the first time do some operations in the first URL and then log out when the loop goes to next item this will navigate in the same tab instead opening in another tab.

Dom :slight_smile:


It worked. Thanks

Hi @DeviE,

can you please share working xaml… as I am trying the same but it’s not working…