Open application

i am trying to open one application after opening, after opening want to click on database.

but getting error in that, can anyone tell me the solution?

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

Please try using Click activity :slight_smile:


what application we are trying to open here buddy
open application should work
but we are missing something in arguments been passed, thats why
Cheers @Rakesh_Tiwari

Or use start process may be it will work for u…

Application is working, but click operation is not working, here i am attaching the error

and i want to click on database which i kept in square bracket.images are below

It looks like the selector is dynamic. Please use wildcards in your selector :slight_smile:

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where to use wildcard.

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

I have a favor to ask.
Kindly use UiExplorer and indicate the element you want to click so that we can easily find out what selectors are dynamic :slight_smile:


pls find in uiExplorer

Please try to use the first and last line of the full selector


Tried, but not working.

here is the error

Please try getting some unique selectors so that the selector will be valid

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Try image automation : click image

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You can also use this answer by @ImPratham45 as the last resort :slight_smile:

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click image is also not working

that’s strange
can u please share selectors

Here is the selector

use ui explorer tree in that try to make dynamic or use aaname for database
hope it will work in uiexplorer tree u will see is ur selector is valid or not
try to make as simple as possible

Actually i don’t know how to use as i am new in Uipath, can u pls help me to solve this

PFA for UIExplorer event.
Click on indicate Element event it will automatically show the selector.