How to click desired file then open the file to upload to website


Please help.
I would like to select 1 file inside the folder and open it to upload to website.
How should i do this?
I have tried select file/type into/recording step but it doesnt work.
The page just stop as per screenshot below.
I want to select then open the highlighted file.

Appreciate your help.

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HI @azmee_zainol,

Try to type the full path then click open button.


Hi @arivu96,

I tried it already but doesnt work.

what exception coming ?? @azmee_zainol

Hi @arivu96,

I want to click this type of button from " > " to " V " .
Im using Click activities however it doesn’t work fine.
How or what activity should i use to click the " > " to " V " to get full list of option.
Refer screenshots below.



This is the error message.

Try to find stable selector of that drop down button,


Hi @Madhuraj

How to find stable selector?
Any input or example on this?


Hi, Can you try with hotkeys…
And which type of App. is this web or window?

Hi @rahul599756

This is web app.
Can i have some clue or example in regards to hotkeys?


use uiexplorer and find stable attributes of that element. Do not use idx attribute as it is not stable. try selecting attributes like class, aaname, tag, id and also use wildcard character (*) for variable part of attribute value.

Like let the page open first. give delay then…
After that you press ctrl+home and lets see where your control is going. then you can easily reach there by tab and press enter to open.if not then give me the whole screen screenshot properly.

Hi @rahul599756 @Madhuraj

I tried inputs from both of you.
HAd run the sequence and then pop up this error.
is it related with SPAN?what is SPAN actually?


this is a part of selectors…for hotkeys don’t give selectors. and give porper delay before and after inside hotkeys property.

Hi @rahul599756

How to solved this kind of selector error?

it is not related to SPAN. check for the id may be that is getting differ. Or for these thing I would suggest use hotkeys.

Hi @rahul599756

The web page as per below capture.
How i can change ’ > " to " V " using hotkeys?
Any suggestion? Tried to use tab or CTRL but it does not work fine.

Try click image instead of normal click, that will solve your selector issue


Hi @azmee_zainol,

For this passing the path use type into & provide the path


I was looking for the solution here, but I changed the selector a little bit. It worked for me.

Sharing the solution in case anyone needs it.Main.xaml (7.4 KB)

PS: use type into for entering the path.