Oops Something's gone wrong error - academy.uipath.com

After I installed the “Chrome” Plugin Chrome stopped working and had to be reinstalled.

I tried disabling the Uipath addon, then removing the addon, nothing fixed the issue - I could only start chrome in incognito (safe) mode.

After the reinstall (and prior as far as I remember) all I now get when I try to visit the academy is the following:-

Capture UIPath academy error

I’ve cleared the cache 3 times, rebooted multiple times.


Hi Michael! Some learners are experiencing issues with the Chrome add-on and what we recommend is to always use Internet Explorer instead of Chrome when building automation with StudioX/Studio. Could you try performing the same steps with Internet Explorer and let us know if you are still encountering issues? Thanks!

Hi Oana,

Thanks for the amazingly quick reply. I’ll give that a go and update here.