Is anyone else having massive trouble with UI Path academy site?

I having been trying to use UiPath Academy on three different browsers (FireFox, Chrome, and Opera) Adn they more or less have all the same issues so I think below issues are with the site itself and not browser-specific. But if anybody has had different experiences let me know.

My first main issue was with the trying to access a course from the home page. Sometimes i would get this wierd “403 - access denied” error. All courses it seems on Google Chrome and FireFox, only one of the advanced courses on Opera. I am not sure of the exact course because as I went back to load the home page the courses now won’t load.

I usually am finally able to access a course by working through the “My activities” of profile, and then “courses”, and then just having to remember the course I was on. This, and the below way, are the only ways I have been able to make the site half-way usable.

These are more convenience things admittedly, but there is no easy way to go right to a learning path and start where I left off. I have to search for “RPA Developer - Advanced Learning Plan” then go to the course I was on. From there is remembers the task before or after, not necessarily always the one I am on. Also, the “Next” button doesn’t become “ungreyed-out” when you finish a task, though the next task can be click-on anyway, and you can usually skip the task altogether by refreshing the page (seems to work for both videos and documents)

These were just the most glaring issues. There are tons of other smaller issues. So unless it is something with my computer, I think this site just isn’t really finished.

Please report your issues to UiPath Academy Contact us Team. Please raise a ticket in following link.

Thank you, but I did. They seemed to think it was just a browser issue. I still put the post to see what other people have done to fix such issues.

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For those who happen to find this post and had issues like I did, I tried it on many browsers and had the same problems on pretty much all of them. But, there are many other resources for getting started on UiPath, so here they are:


  2. has a course on UiPath. I was able to get a free subscription through my library.

I am not getting paid by these sources (not sure how I would). The point of this forum is to help people learn UiPath, correct? So why is my post being censored?